Saturday, November 8, 2008

DIY Video Filmed

Just posting to let everyone know that I just finished shooting the DIY Video! It'll be up tomorrow.

This is me in the shirt I made for the video. There are actually two templates that will be up for download that you can use for your shirt. One is the skull that Aly has on her tank, and the other is the butterfly that is on the shirt I made.

I love the rigid and distorted outcome of it, with the lace. Lace is usually looked upon as very girly, and so this puts a different spin on things.

Check back TOMORROW for the video & templates, that way you too can make a shirt.

One last thing...

If you make the shirt and want to send me pictures of your creation, feel free to send me the links to them through the contact form on my website.

Chao til tomorrow!


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