Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roise Coin Purse

So, I made this lovely coin purse in the shape of a rose earlier.

I'm thinking of possibly making more & selling them if anyone would be interested in purchasing one. (or two.. maybe even three. your call. haha)

The colors are this pink you see, a deeper pink, yellow, & orange.

It'd only be a couple of dollars. I'll work out exact pricing if I get any takers.

I think it's so adorable looking.

I'm going to gather all the change from the bottom of my bag and stick it in this cute little thing.

That way, whenever I need change, I'm not taking forever to find it. Even worse, not using the change at all... and it just keeps building and building, with no place to go.

So sad. haha.

you still have until January 30th to submit your ideas for the next DIY/Fashion video.

Get to it!


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