Thursday, April 15, 2010


One of my favorite shows on TV right now is the musical-dramedy Glee. Aside from the music & show-itself, I love tuning in to see what the various characters are going to wear.

Here's a break-down of three of the character's signature style & where you can find items that share that same flare for yourself-- for under $100!

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Emma's style is very clean cut, but she likes to use lots of color. Her tops often include embellishments like bows & other appliques. The costume designer of Glee-- Lou Eyrich-- said this about Emma and her fashion on the show:

"She's a lot of fun to dress and Jayma is so cute that whatever you put on her is instantly adorable. We use a little more vintage with her but mix it with something contemporary."

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Rachel Berry's closet is full of preppy mini skirts, tops with bows & ruffles, knee-high socks, & dresses. She's definitely not afraid to use patterns, such as plaids & stripes. Rachel also wears a lot of argyle, head to toe.

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Although we didn't get to see what Quinn's personal style looked like at first, she since has shown her feminine fashion on the show. She's seen in a lot of baby doll tops & dresses-- to try to disguise her baby bump, but she still manages to look cute & trendy. Another Quinn must have are ballet flats, which she wears in metallics & other various colors.

Eyrich says “Quinn is very proper and sweet. We’re playing it up like she has all the money and wears all the latest trends.”

Check back next week to see what three other stylish Gleeks are going to be featured.


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