Friday, February 5, 2010

Project Runway: You've Gotta Have Heart

The designers on last night's Project Runway were given the challenge of designing a gown for real woman effected by heart disease. The winning look would be sold on Project Runway's website & also worn to Cambell's Address Your Heart gala event.

They had to use the Cambell's branding in the dress-- which included tacky fabric provided for them that had Cambell's logo printed all over.Red was the obvious color of the night and, as Maya said, it was like comparing "apples to apples."

Overall, I was very underwhelmed with the majority of the designs. Once again, the judges top picks of the night were my least favorite.

With Ping now gone, they seem to be under a Mila spell now & loved her tacky star dress:

The stars on the dress were far too literal for me and reminded me of those costumey Forth-of-July dresses you see.

The winner this week was Amy & her flowy, sweetheart gown:

I liked it and was glad that she won & not Mila.

The bottom two were Anna and Jesus-- and a wave of relief hit when they announced Jesus was out & Anna was in.

Anna's dress was cute-- but I agree that on this particular lady, it didn't fit her body-type. I like the concept of it, though, and I'm so glad it didn't send her home.

Jesus' eliminated look was called "tight and tacky" by the judges, who especially disliked the crystal straps.

I didn't love the dress, but the concept of the crystal straps I thought was very interesting. Maybe if he was able to use better jewels, it would've looked more "expensive" but I actually liked the idea of having crystals as straps.

What did you like and dislike about this challenge & who was your favorite of the week?


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