Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Runway: Mini-sized!

The contestants on this week's Project Runway were introduced to new models-- who were not their typical model type.

Yes, designing for little girls was the challenge this week & while some embraced the idea-- others were slightly horrified by it.

To top it off, Tim later told them that they were to create a "Mommy" look to accompany the girls look.

Overall, I feel that there were no complete disasters-- especially with the kids designs. Some might have had taste issues with the judges or played it too safe, but nobody struck me as completely horrible like some have been in the past.

For the first time, I didn't completely disagree with the judges top choices.

Jay's and Jesse's designs were both in the top three.

I thought Jay's little girl look was very Suri Cruise-- something a mom would dress their daughter in, but not necessarily something she herself would pick out, but it was cute.

I didn't like Jesse's pieces at all-- the girl's asymmetrical dress just looked like it got caught on something & was being pulled in the wrong direction.

Seth Aaron was the winner-- and I finally agreed with the judges on this one! Both the girl's and the model's looks were fantastic. The hoodie was completely something a girl would want to wear & I want to wear the model's striped, structured jacket.

Now onto those who the judges didn't think did as well.

Jonathan's white organza look was referred to as "toilet paper" by the judges-- which I think could've been avoided if he would've taken the volume down from the top of the models outfit. I agree that it was just too much look for the little girl.

Amy made a bold move with her multi-colored look, which ultimately didn't sit well with the judges. I understand where she was trying to go with it, but some of her choices made it seem more "clownish" than I think it was suppose to. If the pants on the model were a skirt, I think that would've made a huge difference.

At least Amy's mini-model liked her look.

It was Janeane Marie's simple & unflattering look that ultimately sent her home tonight-- which I think everyone saw coming from the moment she said she was inspired by a butterfly costume she saw her sister wear in a play once.

One of the looks that were part of the safe pack that I really liked was this one by Emilio. It's color was on trend for this spring too, which I give him extra kudos for.

The only disappointment I had was that he was aiming to be safe instead of trying to win the challenge-- why shoot for the middle when you should be trying to win??

On another note, the little model he had was the absolute cutest.

That's my Project Runway run-down for this week. It was my favorite challenge this season.

Who were your stand-out favorites & do you agree with Janeane Marie being sent home?


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