Friday, March 5, 2010

Project Runway: Hard Wear

Tim first took the designers to Michael Kor's Soho store, where Michael presented them with this weeks challenge & they were also told they had to make an accompanying accessory. Instead of heading to Mood, they went to the hardware store & had to use things found there to make their garments.

A lot of designers went for sheets of metal, while others found other materials to use.

My favorite look of the night was Amy's sandpaper dress:I love the texture and pattern she created with it. You wouldn't know it was made from sandpaper looking at it.

I really thought Maya did a fantastic job-- and should've been the winner-- because she used such different materials than everyone else and was completely different from the other looks. Especially that key necklace!

I'm so tired of Mila and her one-note color blocking designs. I don't see the judges fascination with her.

Now onto those the judges elected as the worst of the night.

Anthony & Emilio's looks were put in the bottom two. Anthony was too safe for the judges & I honestly have no idea why Emilio's wasn't judged harsher. It was no doubt, hands down, the WORST design of the night-- yet he managed to gain sympathy for "not making a dress."

It's one thing to try to do something different than everyone else, but it's another when you don't execute it well at all. If this design had been done by anyone else, I have a feeling they wouldn't have been as nice. The judges obviously like Emilio & his past work, which is why they kept him-- even though they're suppose to be judged on what they make for the current week's challenge.

Isn't that what the whole, "one day you're in & the next day you're out" thing is about??

Speaking of in & out... let's see who got auf'd and who was saved for another week.

The winner tonight was Jay Nicolas, and while I agree that his outfit looked good, I just don't think the look overall & the trash bags were nearly as creative as Maya's materials & design.

Unfortunately, Jesse was sent home.

I really think Jesse's failed due to the model. Her look did not match the dress. If he had a blonde, I think it would've worked so much better. It was 5000 times better than Emilio's hot mess of an outfit.

I was extremely disappointed in the judges this week. They did not judge Emilio for what he put out there, and because they played favorites, Jesse was given the auf wiedersehen.


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