Friday, January 29, 2010

Project Runway: & The Drama Begins...

Last night's episode of Project Runway started off with a trip to the Met, where the designers were brought face-to-face with ten signature pieces from the costume institute. Tim announced that the challenge was to create a high-end design that could "fit in with this company"-- company that includes iconic designers like Yves saint Laurent and Dior.

To top it off, they have to work in pairs-- but I'd say the $500 (which is the highest amount ever given out on PR) helped ease a bit of the sting that came from knowing they'd have to use a little thing called teamwork this time around.

As indicated by everyone's jabber at the very start of the episode, nobody wants to work with Ping-- and really, who could blame them?

Unfortunately, she is elected a team leader & chooses Jesse as her victim.

Let the cutting, sewing, & drama begin.

In the midst of the designers creating their pieces, Tim hits them with an announcement. In addition to their high-end design, they must also create a "look-for-less" version-- the twist is, it has to be of another team's look.

Gasp. Shock. Horror.

Now on to the actual designs.

One of my favorites of the night was Jesus & Amy's dress.

I love the sheerness mixed with the black overlay pattern. I would've loved it even more if the ruffle sleeves were different. I know they're going for the "dramatic" look, but I think toned-down, it really could've been better.

The back of Anna & Emilio's dress was completely "WOW" when the model turned around.

One dress I was really rooting for was Anthony and Seth Aaron's. I can see where they were trying to go with this-- but, unfortunately, the execution is what killed them. I think it really could've been a showstopper if done properly.

Once again, I disagree with the judges top two.

Maya's ruffle design just read "ew" in my opinion. The color inside the ruffles reminded me of mushrooms and just didn't seem very appealing. I found the $50 version more pleasing.

The winning design-- which Mila took all the credit for, even though she only made the jacket-- didn't win me over. The moment I saw it, all I could compare it to was a penguin tracksuit. I just don't see how this fits in with the high-end look the judges were looking for. The cheaper version of the design looked more "high-end" than it did.

And now for the losing team...

Ping & Jesse. No surprise here.

I think Jesse knew from the start, their team would end-up in the bottom. He had to spend his time trying to tame Ping in her spastic antics and had less time to focus on the design. Even then, Ping would over-rule by reminding him that she was team leader & eventually, he just stopped trying to give his unwelcomed input.

Luckily for Jesse, his model defended him on the runway and he was safe. Some of the other models thought she shouldn't have spoken up about what happened behind the scenes to the judges, but hey, it secured her with him for next week... so maybe it wasn't so bad.

I think even without the model's input, Jesse would've been safe, because it was quite obvious that this design was 90% Ping and the 10% that might've been Jesse's vision was covered by Ping's draping nightmare.

Thankfully, the judges finally snapped out of their Ping-loving-spell and gave her the auf wiedersehen-- to which she cried about... a lot.

This week was definitely a nice boost of drama & design-- making me forget & forgive how horribly boring the first episode was.

Now, it's your time to judge the runway.

Who were your favorites this week & are you as thrilled for Ping's departure as I am?

Let me know!


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