Saturday, December 13, 2008

Colors of Spring 2009

Pantone has released it's fashion color report and one of the colors listed is Lucite Green.

Although I have never referred to this color by that name, as you can see, it is one that I am currently obsessed with. I always tend to fall in love with colors that aren't trendy quite yet, but they always seem to become popular quite some time after I've spent forever looking for it.

I guess it's good to be ahead of the curb, but when you're in the moment of looking for whatever you want, and cannot find it at that time, then that's when it becomes frustrating.

Soon, though, I guess I'll be able to find enough "Lucite Green" to last me a lifetime.


Do you have a particular color you really like, but hasn't yet become big enough to be painted on everything?


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